A Yagist is an encounterable sentient. It is always aggressive, and is often found in groups. It is only found in Ydra. It should be engaged with caution, not because it's excessively lethal, but because it has no sense of self preservation. Each and every Yagist will fight to the death. There are also elder Yagists, who are much stronger and tougher than standard Yagists. These should be handled with great caution.

Ingame description:

This human is lean, well-muscled, and obviously quite feral; in addition to her
oversized teeth, which she bares in a near-constant grin, she has long,
sharpened nails, dirty skin, and the sort of calluses one only gets when going
barefoot for extended periods of time. Her black eyes are intense and hungry,
like an underfed animal's. A pair of small, sharpened horns, somewhere between
a goat's spikes and the budding antlers of a young deer, curl from her short
light brown hair. She has eschewed clothing entirely and has no obvious
tattoos or war paint, though the scars crisscrossing her tan hide are proof
enough of her past success in a fight.

Where light forest heavy forest plains hills mountains marsh desert swamp
Spawns Near lake river ocean

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