Woven Leather Bag

A woven leather bag is a craftable item. It can be made using about 5.5 handspans of leather, some thread, 2 toggles, a needle, and a knife with the sewing and leather working skills. It is a container, and is wearable across the torso.

Ingame description:

This is a flat bag, loosely woven from strips of leather. A flap made from the
same material covers the bag's mouth; it's fastened in place by a pair of
antler toggles. A woven leather strap is attached to either side of the bag,
while its bottom is reinforced with an additional sheet of leather. It looks
to be in perfect condition.

Crafting Skill: sewing, leather working
Tools Required: knife, needle
Materials: 5.5 handspans leather, thread

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