Wild Mouflon Sheep

A wild mouflon sheep is an encounterable animal. It is not aggressive unless provoked. A male sheep is called a ram, and a female is an ewe.

Ingame description:

His head crowned by a pair of budding horns, this wild sheep's reddish-brown
coat has a white patch of fur on either side of his back, making a saddle-shaped
pattern. A darker stripe runs down the mouflon's spine, while the hair on his
lower legs, underbelly, and muzzle is covered with white. The ram's hooves are
cloven. His eyes are brown with horizontal pupils, and are spaced on either
side of his head. Unlike a domestic sheep, his coat is closer to a goat's hair
than to actual wool.

Where light forest heavy forest plains hills mountains marsh desert swamp
Spawns Near lake river ocean

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