A tiger is an encounterable animal. It is sometimes aggressive. It is especially deadly and should be treated with great caution. Hunting it in pairs, with each person well-trained in combat, is a wise idea. It is best avoided entirely if you're not hunting it, due to its high quickness and stamina.

Ingame description:

He is a feline beast as graceful as he is massive, with a muscular frame and
broad, sharp-clawed paws. His light brown coat is spangled with black stripes
that extend down along the white of his belly, creating a mask across his face
and ringing his tail with thick, alternating bands of black and color. The
tiger's face is broad and white-cheeked, his boxy muzzle bristling with
whiskers and boasting an imposing set of fangs; black stripes and white patches
frame his golden eyes. Each rounded ear is black with white inner fur and a
white spot on the back. The muscles rippling beneath his coat are a constant,
quiet reminder of the tiger's strength.

Where light forest heavy forest plains hills mountains marsh desert swamp
Spawns Near or In lake river ocean

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