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Crafting Lists and Guides

🏆 Rosal: Aid with the crafting lists, copper jewelry especially.
🏆 Units: Tons of ingame descriptions for craftable objects, plant locations, and several AL-era and newer additions to the crafting lists.

The List's Contributors (Jonquille, Satsuz, Chienny, Rebekahwsd, and the original owner (unknown)): Several dozen items added to the crafting lists via this resource.
Vaylon: The very expensive recipe for balance scales.
Nobility: Help with crafting lists and feedback on the beginner's guide.
Cid and Weregild: Constructive feedback on the beginner's guide.

Current Maps and Directions

🏆 The List's Contributors (Jonquille, Satsuz, Chienny, Rebekahwsd, and the original owner (unknown)): Nicely detailed, full color, and relatively current maps of Ydra, Moorva, Kungesvald, and Liidhaga.
Units: The first textual directions (between Moorness and KV).
Ruby: Gorgeous full-survey color KV wilderness map, which is outdated as of 2017 but still working and may still be accurate other than the new landmarks and roads.

General Game Information Sections

🏆 Units: More than half the ingame descriptions of the animals, along with valuable notes about their eccentricities and deadliness. Also ideas for several of the newer sections.
Nox: Various animal descriptions and locations.
Newbeth: Added the first blighted animal (blighted bird) to the animals section.
Satsuz: The elusive ape-man description.

Depreciated Maps

Rosal: A lovely Moorva map that is sadly now depreciated as of 2017.
Vaylon: KV city maps and a Ydra (between KV and Moorness) map used in the past, sadly depreciated as of 2017.
Zeem: Past Moorva and Ydra wilderness maps.

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