Steel Mace

A steel mace is a craftable item. It can be made using a steel mace head, some leather, a short wooden handle, and a handle-cap, using a tongs, a hammer, an anvil, a forge with the smithing skill. It is a weapon of the club family.

Ingame description:

This weapon consists of a leather-wrapped wooden handle with an iron cap
affixed to its butt end opposite a flanged head of bright steel. The mace's
head vaguely resembles a bulb of garlic caught halfway between splitting into
separate cloves; each flange is rounded off and becomes narrower the further
from the center it goes. An additional steel ball about the size of a grape
sits at the top of the weapon head. The mace is a bit over half a stride long
from head to cap.

Crafting Skill: smithing
Tools Required: tongs, hammer, anvil, forge
Materials: steel mace head, leather, short wooden handle, handle-cap

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