Snakeskin Pants

A pair of snakeskin pants (or snakeskin trousers) is a craftable item. It can be made using about 4.25 handspans of tanned snake skin, some thread, some leather cord, a needle, and a knife with the sewing and leather working skills. It is wearable on the legs.

Ingame description:

This is a subtly-patterned garment made from several panels of tanned snakeskin
fashioned into a set of pant legs that join at its seat, a leather drawstring
knotted around the waist. Each leg looks cut to reach its wearer's ankles and
is hemmed with a separate piece of hide. The snakeskin panels have been cut to
follow the original grain and markings of their scales.

Crafting Skill: sewing, leather working
Tools Required: knife, needle
Materials: 4.25 handspans tanned snake skin, thread, leather cord

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