Snakeskin Gown

A snakeskin gown is a craftable item. It can be made using about 3.25 handspans of tanned snake skin, some thread, some leather cord, a needle, and a knife with the sewing and leather working skills. It is wearable on the torso.

Ingame description:

This garment is made from panels of tanned snakeskin sewn together into a long,
flowing piece of clothing reaching from a keyhole neckline to just above ankle
height. Its sleeves taper slightly outwards towards the wrists and have been
hemmed with separate strips of hide. A pair of short slits are cut up the
sides of the dress, starting at the gown's lower hem, while a length of leather
cord laces through the slit in the neck. The snakeskin from which it's been
made still bears traces of its original patterns.

Crafting Skill: sewing, leather working
Tools Required: knife, needle
Materials: 3.25 handspans tanned snake skin, thread, leather cord
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