Pit Forge

A pit forge is a craftable item.

It can be made using a shovel, thirty rocks and a smith's bellows with the masonry skill.

It is one of the staple tools for smithing, as well as glass working and metallurgy.

It is immobile once crafted.

In-game description:

This broad, shallow pit is lined with a lip of unmortared stones, each one
nestled snugly against its neighbors. It is entirely open to the sky. A
bellows juts from one side of the forge, its nozzle pointed towards the center
of the pit and held in place by a cunning, tightly fitted arrangement of rocks.
It's about a stride across at its widest point.

Crafting Skill: dabbling amount of masonry
Tools Required: shovel
Materials: 30 rocks, smith's bellows

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