Moorness is a small town in on the ocean's cost west of Kungesvald, which plays host to the ferry between Ydra and Liidhaga. It contains a small cheese shop, a simple general store, a well, and some flavor areas.

Pictoral map:

Textual description map: Moorness is a town with a single main road running through it, starting in the southeast and ending in the northwest at a dock. Offshoots from the main road contain the notable features of this town. From east-most to west-most: the well, the cheese shop, and the general store. After these features come the administrator's office (a flavor area) and an empty longhouse, after which the road dead ends into the town's dock. (Please note that this dock, at the northeast end of the town, is not the dock that the ferry arrives at. The ferry shows up one area south of the town, at the mooring.)

Cheese Shop
Item Price
lavender goat cheese 40
plain goat cheese 35
crumbling lavender cheese 45
pepper cheese 50
black cheese 30
General Store
wooden torch 9
beeswax candle 10
clay lamp 50
stone lamp 75
oil pot 30
clay mug 15
loaf of bread 10
onion 3
spool of twine 8
tinderbox 15
whetstone 95
bowl 50
mug 25
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