Metallurgy, unlike smithing deals with detailed metal-working: melting, purifying, and casting all fall under this skill. Most of the objects that use metallurgy involve molds, often the lost wax process (link), though in the case of bars and ingots, not always. Metallurgy also includes the process of smelting.

Standard tools: forge, tongs, crucible, glove
Materials: metal or pewter, clay, wax

Objects craftable:

bronze buckle
bronze peg
bronze lamp
copper armlet
copper bracelet
copper earring
copper hound bracelet
copper nosering
copper ring
copper torc
copper wire
gold armlet
gold bracelet
gold earring
gold hound bracelet
gold nosering
gold ring
gold toe ring
gold torc
gold wire
iron wire
lead bullet
lead stylus
lead weight
pewter goblet
silver armlet
silver bracelet
silver earring
silver hound bracelet
silver nosering
silver ring
silver torc
silver wire
solid bronze bolt

brass ingot
bronze ingot
copper ingot
gold ingot
iron ingot
lead ingot
pewter ingot
silver ingot
tin ingot

brass bar
bronze bar
copper bar
gold bar
lead bar
pewter bar
silver bar
tin bar

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