Materials Crafting

This is a quick guide to the new materials crafting system in Lament.

What is it?

Materials-specific crafting is a new system of organizing and creating craftable objects. In the old system, you had an item name and a single recipe to make that item. In this system, multiple objects can be created using the same name, depending upon what materials you have available.

If you've studied the Java programming language or another object oriented programming language, this system is similar in design to inheritance. There's a general type of object, then specific instances of it.

How do I use it?

There's no new syntax. Take the "flint bead" object. These are made by making the "stone bead" object, while having flint on hand. In the old system, making a stone bead required a rock, and you couldn't use anything else but a rock to make it. Now, if you "craft stone bead" with a hunk of flint closest at hand, you'll get a flint bead instead of the generic stone bead.

In Java programming terms, "stone bead" is the parent class, and its two child classes are "flint bead" and the generic "stone bead."

What can I make with it?

  • Many types of metal jewelry and other objects in metallurgy, particularly those using "decorative metal."
  • Colored glass- having enough mineral dust on hand while making glass will result in colored glass.
  • Flint beads and the jewelry associated with that: flint bead necklaces, flint bead bracelets, both craftable via their stone bead counterparts.

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