A locust is an encounterable animal. It is not aggressive unless provoked. Its corpse can be made into honeyed locust.

Ingame description:

This little insect is encased in a yellow-brown shell, its slender body detailed
with lines of darker color. Its oblong head sports black eyes, a pair of stubby
antennae, and many-jointed jaws. The locust has a pair of wings that fold
against its long body when at rest; they're slightly lighter than the rest of
its shell. Its rear two legs are hugely developed compared to the four in front
of them.

Where light forest heavy forest plains hills mountains marsh desert swamp
Spawns Near lake river ocean

It has also been spotted in wasteland (wasted plains).

Note: all animal locations are in-progress. If you find one of these animals in a location not listed, please message Musica in the game or email arcmoonblade(at)gmail(dot)com

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