There are numerous towns, villages, and a few cities located in the world of Lament. Some of these places can be located approximately using the 'reckon' verb. This page will list those locateable areas, with a brief description of the place and anything it has to offer (if that information is available). Please note that you will need the appropriate lore skill to use 'reckon' to locate these places (Ydra lore for areas in Ydra, Moorva lore for areas in Moorva, etc).

While I've attempted to mention the notable features for many of these areas, some information may be omitted at the staffs' request.


Liidhaga- the major city in Moorva. Shops, bank, hospice, library, jobs, etc.

Mahavhi - Moorva
Jhansareeth - Moorva

Dasikyklos- village
Ihn Srithar- village
Lakshmi's Rest -village
Gennaiodoria- village


Kungesvald- the major city in Ydra. Shops, bank, hospice, jobs, etc.

Marshpath- swampy town near Moorness on north side of the river's salty section.
Moorness- port town far west of Kungesvald. Notable features: ferry to Liidhaga (south of town), general store, cheese shop.

Audhalgr- village on a mountainside, far north and a bit west of Kungesvald. Has drinking water.
Bolkirvisk- tiny hamlet by a tiny lake in Ydra, northwest of Kungesvald
Rossec- village in Ydra, east and a little north of Kungesvald.

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