Other Player Resources

The List

Run by Jonquille, Satsuz, Chienny, Rebekahwsd, and the original owner (unknown). Nicely detailed, full color, and relatively current maps of Ydra, Moorva, Kungesvald, and Liidhaga. Also contains some crafting information, info about selling prices in the various cities, and other bits and bobs.

The Mainland Project

Run by players Anhassi and Rafe, this Google document has an extensive full color map of Ydra and the surrounding area, in addition to a map of Moorva and other information.

Jeff's Page (screenreader friendly!)

Run by Jeff, this simple text website takes some of his notes and some information from the Dropsite and makes it easy to parse using a screen reader.

Newbeth's Map Reader

Created by Newbeth, this website contains a map of Moorva. When you click an area, the terrain type is read aloud to you. Handy for navigating, especially for VI folks.

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