Heavyweight Fabric

Heavyweight fabric is a materials crafting concept, usually found in sewing.

The fabrics that qualify as heavyweight are: wool, heavy cotton, and heavy silk.

Any crafting recipe calling for heavyweight fabric can use any of these materials, and the resulting object's description should contain references to the fabric used to make it.

The other two categories of fabric are lightweight fabric and cloth.

Example of a gambeson object, made with blue heavy cotton:

This is a heavy coat of quilted cotton, padded thickly enough to serve its
wearer as armor. The facing cloth is blue, puffed into parallel baffles by the
layers of fabric inside; it's otherwise cut much like a tunic, with sleeves to
the forearms and a keyhole neck laced with leather cord. Cutouts under the arms
and a divided hem allow the stiff garment a bit more flexibility.

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