Heavy Studded Belt

A heavy studded belt is a craftable item. It can be made using some leather, some thread, a buckle, 35 decorative studs, a needle, a smith's hammer, and a knife with the sewing and leather working skills. It is wearable on the waist, and functions as a belt.

Ingame description (made with a bronze buckle and gold studs):

This is a sturdy-looking band of leather, about a third of a handspan wide and
more than two strides long; its entire length is adorned with alternating bands
of gold studs. A bronze buckle is attached to one end, and a series of
matching holes perforate the other.

Crafting Skill: sewing, leather working
Tools Required: knife, needle, smith's hammer
Materials: buckle, leather, thread, 35 decorative stud

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