A goblet is a craftable item. It can be made using a tongs, a lit forge, a crucible, some clay, and about 2.1 pounds of decorative metal with the metallurgy skill. This is a materials crafting object, so this item can be made with gold, silver, copper, bronze, brass, and pewter. The game will use the first available decorative metal.

Ingame description:

With a shallow basin, thick stem, and disc-shaped base, this drinking vessel
looks to rely more on the polished luster of its gold than any complex
metalwork. Given its lack of seams the goblet appears to have been cast as a
single piece. A plain metal sphere, also gold, rests halfway up the goblet's
stem; the ball is a little bit wider than the stem and about the size of a
raspberry. It's about a handspan high.

Crafting Skill: metallurgy
Tools Required: tongs, forge, crucible
Materials: 2.1 pounds of decorative metal, some clay

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