Fur-trimmed Leather Vest

A fur-trimmed leather vest is a craftable item. It can be made using about 2 pounds of leather, a little bit of thread, four toggles, about 2 pounds of tanned fur, a needle, and a knife with the sewing and leather working skills. It is wearable on the body.

Ingame description:

This sleeveless overshirt is sewn together from several panels of leather, a
line of wood toggles along its front serving to keep it closed. While it lacks
a proper collar, a band of hare fur fluffs out around the neck, armholes, and
lower edge. The vest's roomy armholes themselves are cut to accomodate the
sleeves of a tunic or dress; the garment itself is just long enough to reach
from neck to waist.

Crafting Skill: poor understanding of sewing, novice proficiency with leather working
Tools Required: sewing needle, knife
Materials: ~2 lb. leather, thread, 4 toggles, ~2 lb. tanned fur

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