Flint Tipped Spear

A flint-tipped spear is a craftable item. It can be made using a flint spearhead, leather cord and a long wooden handle with a knife. It is a weapon of the spear family.

Ingame description:

A pointed piece of knapped flint serves as the head of this hafted weapon, the
gray-brown stone covered with impact marks left over from the crafting process.
The head has a somewhat rounder tip than the average spear, though it looks more
than capable of piercing its target in spite of its tapered end. A leather cord
is wound tightly around the head and the upper end of the spear's shaft to keep
both pieces securely joined. The spear is a little under a stride and a half
long from end to end.

Crafting Skill: ???
Tools Required: knife
Materials: flint spearhead, leather cord, long wooden handle

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