Flint Spearhead

A flint spearhead is a craftable item. It can be made using a large rock and some flint with the stone working skill. It is used to make flint-tipped spear.

Ingame description:

This is a single piece of gray-brown stone knapped down into the shape of a
long, flat triangle with an oval-shaped cross-section. Its edges look rather
sharp in spite of their humble origins; they taper towards one another until
finally joining in a rounded tip. Though not as pointed as a traditional metal
spearhead, it still looks quite capable of piercing a target. Its surface is
covered in dozens of irregular impact marks left over from the carving process.
A few notches encircle the width of the spearhead along its bottom edge.

Crafting Skill: stone working
Tools Required: large rock
Materials: flint

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