Smithing is the skill used to shape chunks of metal into useful objects, such as axes, nails, and knives. It differs from metallurgy, which focuses more on detailed work.

Smithing Craftables


Standard tools: lit forge, anvil, hammer, tongs.
Some crafts specifically require a smith's hammer, which will be explicitly listed in their recipes or reckon making <craft> details.

adze head- ~1.75 lb. iron, lit forge, hammer, tongs, anvil, beginner smithing
auger bit- ~1.5 lb. iron, smith's hammer, anvil, lit forge, tongs, beginner smithing
awl (was iron punch)- ~4.5 oz. iron, lit forge, tongs, hammer, anvil, dabbling smithing
axe head- ~2.75 lb. iron, lit forge, hammer, tongs, anvil, beginner smithing
anvil- ~384 lb. iron, smith's hammer, tongs, lit forge, beginner smithing
bear skull helm- whole tanned bear pelt, four nails, ~2 lb. iron, ~6.5 oz. leather, hammer, lit forge, tongs, anvil, knife, novice smithing, beginner leather working
bearded iron axe head- ~2.5 lb. iron, ~1.5 oz. steel, lit forge, hammer, tongs, anvil, novice smithing
bearded steel axe head- ~1.25 lb. steel, ~1 lb. iron, lit forge, smith's hammer, tongs, anvil, whetstone, skilled smithing
iron bolt head- little bit of iron, smith's hammer, anvil, lit forge, dabbling smithing
brazier- 10.5 lb. iron
broad steel axe head- 2.25 lb. steel, 2 lb. iron, 2 oz. copper, awl
broadsword- 4 lb. iron, bit of leather, 3.5 oz. steel, whetstone
bronze collar- 1.5 oz. bronze, pliers
buckle- 6.5 oz. iron
cauldron- 84 lb. iron, awl
chainmail boot- 3.5 lb. iron wire, a leather boot,bit of thread, chisel, needle, thin iron rod
chainmail coif- 13.5 lb. iron wire, thin iron rod, pliers, chisel
chainmail glove- 2.5 lb. iron wire, chisel, thin iron rod, pliers
chainmail hauberk- 31 lb. iron wire, 1 oz. leather cord, chisel, thin rod, pliers
chainmail legging- 17 lb. iron wire, bit of thread, bit of leather cord, 1.75 lb. leather, 2 buckles, 2 leather strips, thin rod, knife, chisel, needle
chainmail shirt- 27 lb. iron wire, 1 oz. leather cord, pliers, hammer, chisel, thin rod
chainmail vest- 23 lb. iron wire, hammer, chisel, thin rod
chisel- 2.75 lb. iron
cleaver blade- 2.25 lb. iron
cooking pot- 12 lb. iron
cooking skillet- 8 lb. iron
copper coin bracelet- 2 oz. copper, 1.5 oz. leather, knife
crossbow- 8.5 lb. iron, 4.25 lb. wood, knife, poor carpentry
crude lockpick- 1 oz. iron wire, shears, pliers
dagger- 2.25 lb. iron, bit of leather
dirk- 2.25 lb. iron, wooden grip, bit of leather cord
double-bladed axe head- 3.75 lb. iron
drawplate- 4 lb. iron, awl
falcata- 2.5 lb. iron, 3.5 oz. wood, 1 tassel, whetstone
fife- 1.5 lb. iron, awl
file- 1.5 lb. iron, chisel
glaive blade- 2 lb. iron, awl, whetstone
glass blower's pipe (glassblower's pipe)- 4.75 lb. iron
gold coin bracelet- 2 oz. gold, 1.5 oz. leather, knife
hand mirror- 3.25 lb. bronze, bit of sand, 2 lb. clay, 5 oz. wax, knife, crucible, novice metallurgy
hand saw- 1 wooden grip, 2.25 lb. iron, awl, whetstone
handle cap- 2 oz. iron, lit forge, tongs, hammer, anvil, awl, poor smithing
heavy iron helm- 6.5 lb. iron, 6.5 oz. iron wire, 2 oz. leather, knife, chisel, thin rod
harpoon head- 1.5 lb. iron
hinge- bit of iron
hobnail- bit of iron
hoe head- 1.5 lb. iron
horseshoe- 7.5 oz. iron
iron armlet- 1.75 lb. iron
iron arrowhead- ~1.5 oz of iron
iron boar spear head- ~2.5 lb. iron, smith's hammer, anvil, lit forge, tongs, fair smithing
iron bracer- 3 lb. iron
iron cap- 4 lb. iron, pliers
iron fishhook- bit of iron wire, chisel
iron greave- 4 lb. of iron, 2 oz. of leather, pliers, awl, knife
iron helm- 5.5 lb. iron, 3.5 oz. iron wire, 2 oz. leather, knife, pliers, chisel, thin rod
iron hoop- 2.75 lb. iron
iron hound bracelet- 2 oz. iron
iron lamellar cuirass- 44 lb. iron, 6.5 oz. leather cord, awl, knife, pliers
iron lath- 8.5 oz. iron
iron nosering- bit of iron
iron rod- 6.5 oz. iron
iron spike- 4 oz. iron
iron strip- 4 oz. iron
iron stud- bit of iron
iron sword- 3.25 lb. iron, 3.5 oz. wood, 2 oz. leather, whetstone
iron throwing knife- 1.75 lb. iron
iron toecap- 7.5 oz. iron, whetstone, awl
iron torc- 2.5 lb iron
iron-plated leather gauntlet- 5.5 oz. leather, 10 iron studs, 2 bronze buckles, 6 oz. iron, bit of thread, awl, lit forge, anvil, smith's hammer, tongs, dabbling sewing, poor leather working
javelin head- 1.25 lb. iron
jeweler's rod- 1 wooden grip, 4 oz. iron wire, awl, pliers, dabbling carpentry
key- 1.5 oz. iron, file, pliers (use "copy" to get a matching key to a door, or you'll just get a generic key)
keyring- 7 oz. iron, pliers
khanda- 7 oz. brass, 3.25 lb. iron, 5 oz. wax, 1.5 lb. clay, whetstone, crucible, knife, fair metallurgy
knife- 1.5 lb. iron, 1 oz. leather
langseax- 4 lb. iron, 3.5 oz. steel, bit of leather, whetstone
lantern- 4 small glass panels, 4.25 lb. brass, bit of leather cord
large iron ring- 3.5 oz. iron
lockpick (set of lockpicks)- 2 oz. steel, bit of iron, fair metallurgy
longsword- 3.75 lb. iron, 3.5 oz. wood, 2 oz. leather, 4 oz. steel, whetstone
mace head- 3 lb iron
maul head- 7.5 lb. iron
moon glaive head- 1.5 lb. iron, chisel, whetstone
nail- a little bit of iron
needle- bit of iron
ornamental fur-collared cuirass- 14 lb. leather, bit of thread, 10 bone shards, 2 lb. tanned fur, 10.5 lb. iron wire, fair leather working, novice smithing, beginner whittling, poor sewing
pick head- 9 lb. iron
pitchfork head- 2.75 lb. iron
pliers- 1 lb. iron, lit forge, hammer, anvil, awl, tongs, novice smithing
plumed iron helm- 2 oz. horsehair, 2 oz. leather, 7.5 lb. iron, pliers, knife
rasp- 1.75 lb. iron, 1 wooden grip, chisel
recurved crossbow- ~9 lb. iron, ~4.25 lb. wood, hammer, tongs, lit forge, anvil, knife, fair smithing, beginner carpentry
round copper bell- 2 oz. copper
saber- 4 oz. bronze, 2.75 lb. iron
scraper- 8.5 oz. iron, wooden grip, knife
scythe blade- 2.25 lb. iron
seax- 3.25 lb. iron, 2 oz. leather, 3.5 oz. wood, whetstone
shears- 4 lb. iron
shield boss- 4 oz. iron
short steel-edged sword- 1 oz. steel, 3 lb. iron, 2 oz. leather, 3.5 oz. wood, whetstone
short sword- 3.5 oz wood, 2 oz. leather, 3.25 lb. iron, whetstone
shovel head- 2.75 lb. iron
sickle head- 1.25 lb. iron
silver coin bracelet- 2 oz. silver, 1 oz. leather
simple sword- 2 oz. leather, 3 lb. iron, 3.5 oz. wood, whetstone
single-edged sword- 3.25 lb. iron, 3.5 oz. wood, 2 oz. leather, whetstone
skinning knife- 1.5 lb. iron, 1 wooden grip
small cauldron- 26 lb. iron, awl
small skinning knife- 9 oz. iron, 1 wooden grip, knife
smith's hammer head- 3.5 lb. iron
solid iron bolt- 1.5 lb. iron
solid steel bolt- 1.5 lb. steel
spade head- 1.25 lb. iron
spearhead- 1.75 lb. iron
spiked mace head (was spiked iron ball)- 3 lb. iron
steel arrowhead- 1.5 oz. steel
steel bolt head- bit of steel
steel dagger- 1.5 lb. steel, 1.25 lb. iron, bit of leather
steel-edged falcata- 2.25 lb. iron, 1 oz. steel, 3.5 oz. wood, 1 tassel, whetstone
steel-edged glaive blade- 2 oz. steel, 2 lb. iron, whetstone, awl
steel-edged moon glaive head- 1.25 lb. iron, 1 oz. steel, chisel, whetstone
steel falcata- 1.25 lb. iron, 9.5 lb. steel, 3.5 oz. wood, 1 tassel, whetstone
steel greatsword- 3.75 lb. steel, 4.75 lb. iron, 4 iron strips, 1 medium wooden handle, whetstone
steel langseax- 2.75 lb. steel, 2 lb. iron, bit of leather, whetstone
steel knife- 1 lb. steel, 8.5 oz. iron, 1 oz. leather
steel mace head- 2 lb. iron, 1.75 lb. steel
steel moon glaive head- 6.5 oz. iron, 6.5 oz. steel, chisel, whetstone
steel seax- bit of leather cord, 2 lb. iron, 1.5 lb. steel, 3.5 oz. wood, knife, whetstone
steel short sword- 2 lb. iron, 1.5 lb. steel, 3.5 oz. wood, bit of leather cord, whetstone, knife
steel spearhead- 8.5 oz. steel, 9 oz. iron, awl, whetstone, awl
steel sword- 1.75 lb. iron, 2.5 lb. steel, 2 oz. leather
steel throwing knife- 1 lb. steel, 6.5 oz. iron
sword- 3 lb. iron, 4 oz. steel, 3.5 oz. wood, 2 oz. leather, whetstone
talwar- 3.5 oz. steel, 3 lb. iron, 7 oz. brass, 5 oz. wax, 1.5 lb. clay, whetstone, crucible, knife, fair metallurgy
throwing axe (francisca) head- 9.5 oz. iron
tin box- 9 oz. tin, pliers
tin pan- 3.5 oz. of tin
tinderbox- wooden tube, bit of thin rope, 1 oz. flint, bit of iron, 1 oz. tinder, bit of wood, auger, chisel, knife
tongs- 4.75 lb. iron
triangle (instrument)- 2 oz. of leather, 5 oz. iron
trowel head- 1.25 lb. iron
trumpet- 8 lb. bronze
wavy-bladed dagger (kris)- 2 lb. iron, short wooden handle, bit of leather,

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