Container Capacity

As a rule, it's helpful to know how much your containers can hold. This page will document that information. Keep in mind, also, that currently a container can hold up to 100 items max. So if you have 100 pebbles sitting on a table, the table will be full, despite not holding nearly as much weight as it could otherwise.


Canvas backpack: 45 pounds
Leather backpack: 49 pounds
Rucksack: 40 pounds
Satchel: 22 pounds
Wicker backpack: 55 pounds


Burlap pouch: 3.6 pounds
Burlap sack: 90 pounds
Cloth belt pouch: 6 pounds
Leather belt pouch: 6.8 pounds
Leather moneybag: 2.4 pounds
Leather neck pouch: 7 ounces / .7 pounds
Pouched harness: 15 pounds
Pouched bandolier: 12 pounds
Snakeskin moneybag: 1.4 pounds
Woven leather bag: 15 pounds


Tool basket: 45 pounds
Wicker basket: 30 pounds
Deep basket: 45 pounds
Flat basket: 27 pounds
Sewing basket: 30 pounds
Winnowing basket: 3 ounces


(measured in glass vials)
Amphora: 5 vials
Beaker: 8 vials
Bottle: 3 vials
Bucket: 40 vials
Canteen: 4 vials
Cask: 100 vials
cauldron: 167 vials
Clay cup: <1.5 vials
Drinking horn: 3 vials
Goblet: 3 vials
Keg: 208 vials
Small cauldron: 40 vials
Tankard: 2 vials
Teapot: 10 vials
Wineskin: 4 vials
Wooden cup: 1 vial


Bookshelf: 36 pounds
Low wooden shelf: 60 pounds
Tall wooden shelf: 120 pounds
Round table: 225 pounds


large canvas tent: 8009 pounds
leather tent: 3003 pounds

Misc Containers

Wooden crate: 540 pounds
Barrel: 300 pounds
Glass jar: 3 pounds
Sledge: 450 pounds
Wheelbarrow: 225 pounds
Storage box: 90 pounds
Ironbound chest: 67 pounds
Large wooden box: 180 pounds
Small wooden box: 48 pounds

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