A ceogh deer is an encounterable animal. It is sometimes aggressive. These creatures can be faced alone with sufficient combat training, but great care should be taken in doing so. It is capable of knocking out or killing a player character in one hit.

Ingame description:

She is a large animal resembling a deer, though unlike most cervines she sports
a pair of small tusks curling from the corners of her mouth. Her coat is
shaggy and dark brown, with subtle mottling of lighter and darker tones. A
rack of uneven seven-pronged antlers sprouts from her head and parts the mane
of dark brown and horselike hair that grows along the back of her neck; her
tail is similarly equine and is the same color as her mane. Her ears are round
and tufted. The ceogh's black eyes aren't located on the sides of her head,
instead being slightly forward-facing like a wolf's or bear's and ringed with
pale fur. Her muzzle is covered by a black patch and bears short whiskers.
She has socks of black on each leg which stretch from knee to foot, each cloven
hoof half-concealed by feathery black hair easily as wide around as a melon.
In general she is broad, stocky, and looks built more for fighting than flight.

Where light forest heavy forest plains hills mountains marsh desert swamp
Spawns Near or In lake river ocean

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