Cave Bear

A cave bear is an encounterable animal. It is sometimes aggressive. It tends to wander through the surrounding areas when it spawns. As the second most dangerous animal in the game, it is especially deadly. Treat it with great caution. Hunting it in pairs, with each person well-trained in combat, is a wise idea.

Ingame description:

She is a massive ursine beast covered in a coat of short brown fur, a hump of
muscle rising from her back between her broad shoulders. Her head is broad
with a domed forehead and a blunt muzzle, a pair of rounded ears resting atop
it; her jaws are heavily-muscled, the tips of the bear's long, pointed teeth
occasionally curling over her lips. Her nosepad is black and leathery. Each
of her broad legs ends in an inwardly-angled paw, with each paw boasting an
array of white-tipped claws that curve wickedly into sharp points. Her tail
lies flush with with her hindquarters, partially hidden by her fur. She has a
short mane of shaggy fur, longer than the rest of her coat, running along her
neck and spine; the hair around her face and forelegs is equally lengthened.

Where light forest heavy forest plains hills mountains marsh desert swamp
Spawns Near or In lake river ocean

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