Brown Trout

A brown trout is an encounterable animal. It is not aggressive unless provoked. It is sometimes found below the surface of lakes.

Ingame description:

A streak of brown and black spots runs across the middle of this fish's body,
the horizontal stripe neatly bisecting his brown scales. Each spot is
surrounded by a ring of gray-tinged tan. His fins are lighter than his scales,
and the two sprouting from his back even have their own dusting of spots. He
has pale brown eyes set just above his mouth; they are wide and lidless, like
most fishes'. The trout's snout tapers forwards, the lower lip having a
significant upward curve to it. His upper half has a subtle reddish tinge to
it, while his lower half is notably yellower.

Fished from lake river ocean
Spawns Near or In lake river ocean

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