A boar is an encounterable animal. It is often aggressive. Its fur color varies, and includes brown, black, and grey.

Ingame description:

This large wild pig is covered with bristly black fur, a short mane of slightly
darker hair running from his head down to the middle of his back. His head and
neck are heavily-muscled, his back sloping gradually downwards from his
shoulders. A pair of white tusks jut from his snout, while the boar's ears are
pointed and shaggy with fur. His eyes are brown. Each of his legs ends in a
cloven trotter. His tail is tufted with hair the same color as his mane.

Where light forest heavy forest plains hills mountains marsh desert swamp
Spawns Near or In lake river ocean

It has been spotted in thick and light fungal forests.

Note: all animal locations are in-progress. If you find one of these animals in a location not listed, please message Musica in the game or email arcmoonblade(at)gmail(dot)com

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