Blighted Deer

A blighted deer is an encounterable animal. It not aggressive unless provoked. It should be considered a lethal encounter due to being a blighted creature: such animals carry a lethal disease, though they do not always infect would-be hunters and victims.

Ingame description (caution, disgusting):

This deer looks nothing like a healthy deer ought to, her muscles twisting in
upon themselves beneath her thick gray-brown fur before erupting through her
pelt in knots of buboe-riddled flesh. Crusts of pus clump around her dark
brown eyes, rivulets of clear fluid streaking down the deer's cheeks and
getting caught up in the ratty mane sprouting from her throat. Her body
combines elements of both stag and hind, namely the rack of nine-pronged
antlers still wrapped in thick, bleeding velvet that crowns her head and the
malformed udder that leaks effluent in her wake.

Where light forest heavy forest plains hills mountains marsh desert swamp
Spawns Near lake river ocean

It has been spotted in heavy wasted forest.

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