Blighted Bear

A blighted bear is an encounterable animal. It sometimes aggressive. It should be considered a lethal encounter due to being a blighted creature: such animals carry a lethal disease, though they do not always infect would-be hunters and victims.

Ingame description (caution, disgusting):

He is a painfully misshapen ursine beast, his broad-shouldered body wrapped in
muscles that look more like the roots of an ancient tree than any proper sort
of meat. Boils and pustules bubble up across his skin among his patchy brown
fur, some split open to release noxious fluids that cake the bear's coat. His
brown eyes are rheumy and ringed with smaller, vestigial eyes that sightlessly
roll and blink. Each dark brown claw has a serrated underside. There are too
many teeth in his mouth for it to close all the way, some erupting directly
through the bear's gums and others splitting his lips; bloody froth drools from
his ruined maw.

Where light forest heavy forest plains hills mountains marsh desert swamp
Spawns Near lake river ocean

It has been spotted in blighted wasted forest.

Note: all animal locations are in-progress. If you find one of these animals in a location not listed, please message Musica in the game or email arcmoonblade(at)gmail(dot)com

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