A bear is an encounterable animal. It is sometimes aggressive. It tends to wander through the surrounding areas when it spawns. It is especially deadly and should be treated with great caution. Hunting it in pairs, with each person well-trained in combat, is a wise idea.

Ingame description:

She is a stocky ursine beast covered in shaggy brown fur, her shoulders broad
and her back hunched upwards in hump of muscle. Her blunt-muzzled head has
powerful jaws and large, pointed teeth. The bear's eyes are small and dark
brown, while her ears are rounded. Each of her legs is thick and muscular,
their paws tipped with curving off-white claws that look at least half a
handspan long. Her tail is extremely short and lies mostly flush with her
hindquarters. A short mane of fur, longer than the rest of her coat, runs
along the back of her neck and down her spine.

Where light forest heavy forest plains hills mountains marsh desert swamp
Spawns Near or In lake river ocean

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