A bandit is an encounterable sentient. It is always aggressive, and is often found in groups. It is only found in Ydra. It tends to carry farming tools and crude weapons, and attacks in large numbers. It is, however, cowardly, so it will flee when damaged.

Ingame description:

His features wan and underfed, he looks to be one of the increasingly numerous
ceorls left despondent by the ravages of the Long Winter. His copper skin is
caked with dirt and flecks of less defined grime; his long hair is brown and
similarly filthy, likely from long days in the wilderness. There is a
decidedly hollow look to his eyes. Like most human Yddrlings, he has a broad,
stocky build, harsh features, and a subtly wolfish look only accentuated by his
apparent desperation. His labor-coarsened hands have black semicircles of dirt
ground beneath each fingernail.

Where light forest heavy forest plains hills mountains marsh desert swamp
Spawns Near lake river ocean

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