Balance Scale

A balance scale is a craftable item. It can be made using 6 ounces of copper wire, 4 pounds of wax, about 22 pounds of brass, about 33 pounds of clay a lit forge, a pair of tongs, and a knife with the metallurgy skill.

It serves as a scale for weighing things up to 20 pounds. The one dram weight, one ounce weight, and one pound weight are meant to be used with this object. Type 'help scale' in the game to learn to how to use it.

Ingame description:

A pair of shallow pans hang on fine chains from the brazen crossbeam of this
simple scale, each one a handspan-wide bowl of the same material; the crossbeam
itself swivels on a knife-edge fulcrum set atop a tall upright. The thick base
is also brass, its edges decoratively scalloped. It's about two-thirds of a
stride wide and high.

Crafting Skill: metallurgy
Tools Required: knife, forge, tongs
Materials: 22 lb. brass, 6 oz. copper wire, 4 lb. wax, 33 lb. clay

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