Ape Men

An ape-man (or ape-creature) is an encounterable sentient. It is often aggressive, and is often found in groups. It is only found in northern Ydra. It tends to carry crude weapons.

Ingame description:

While at first glance she appears to be a thickset human, this simian's proportions are all wrong: her arms are too long, her legs are
too short, and her muscles bulge awkwardly beneath her gray skin. A mane of matted russet hair covers her head and upper back, framing
her sloping forehead and broad jaws, while a pair of brows the same color as her hair fringe the thick ridges above her close-set brown
eyes. Her hide is leathery and mostly hairless. Though they have four fingers and a thumb, the ape-creature's hands have long palms
and thick, knobby knuckles that make them look more like paws than anything else, while her feet are themselves much like a second pair
of hands.

Where light forest heavy forest plains hills mountains marsh desert swamp
Spawns Near lake river ocean

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